Joshua Arifin – Indonesian Jazz Contrabassist

Profile of Joshua Arifin (Owner of Jova Musique):

In 2005, Joshua Arifin began his musical career as double bass player from Beben Quartet who regularly performs at jazz live music events in the JAK TV from 2005-2007. Besides playing with Beben Quartet for TV shows, music festivals and other events, Joshua Arifin was also active playing music for weddings and other events.

In 2007, Joshua Arifin made his new musical works for his new band, Notturno Band as a Double Bass Player, Composer & Arranger. After releasing their first album, '4 .25 AM ', Notturno called back with a single, Jiro - It takes 3 Steps Forward Him, featuring a young tenor saxophonist, Yudha Gautama. This song was taken as a soundtrack for a movie,"Pintu Terlarang”. In 2009, Joshua Arifin and Notturno again, made a music soundtrack for "Rumah Dara." With Notturno, Joshua Arifin performs in many jazz festivals and events.

In 2008-2009, Joshua Arifin also active playing with big bands and orchestras. Joshua Arifin performed with the drama musical “Malin Kundang” ensemble and he composed 3 songs for it. In 2009, he performed with Jakarta Broadway School at Java Jazz Festival. He also played with The Daya Big Band and The Daya Orchestra.

Beside playing in musicals, big band and orchestra, Joshua Arifin also helped Indonesian film scorers Aksan and Titi Sjuman in making the musical movie “Sang Pemimpi”.

Joshua Arifin has performed with various musicians and singers, including Tompi, Margie Sergers, Ruth Sahanaya, Caroline Kamarie, Aksan Sjuman, Titi Sjuman, Rieka Roeslan, Ali The Groove, Rien Djamain, Glenn Dauna, Benny Mustafa, Sandy Winarta, Arief Setiadi, Dira Sugandi, Lea Simanjuntak, Iwang Noorsaid, Idham Noorsaid and Michael Paulo and many more. Joshua Arifin also performed in various jazz festival, such as Jak Jazz Festival, Ngayog Jazz Festival, Solo Jazz Festival, Jazz Goes To Campus, Malacca Starit Jazz Festival, Java Jazz Festival and Asean Jazz Festival. 

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